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Building Bison

We have come to learn that one thing more challenging than taking over a club lacrosse team is doing so in the middle of the pandemic. And yet, here we are. Our short-term goal is getting back on the field to continue providing these opportunities for our athletes. We are doing everything we can to try to make that happen in however way we can with the current and ever-changing restrictions. More info will come as we progress and finalize the plans for this spring.

Our long-term goal is to build an inclusive lacrosse community and grow the program’s footprint. Though we are not as established as many of the programs we compete against during the season, it is a unique opportunity for all of us to establish this club’s culture and determine who we want to be in building this lacrosse community. Here are a few of the things you will see us focusing on as we build this program:

  1. Outreach – To build a more competitive program, we need more kids playing lacrosse at a younger age. To keep the program sustainable, we need to attain support from prospective partners who want to be a part of our lacrosse community.

  2. Identity – We are very proud of our Bison name as a representation of our community and what the animal represents to the first people who played lacrosse. We will establish a culture as to what it means to be a Bison and be a part of the Herd.

  3. Website – You will notice that our website has a different look as we try to engage current and prospective Bison to understanding who we are and what we are about.

  4. Community-Minded – It isn’t enough to develop your lacrosse game; it’s even more important to develop as a person. We will encourage our Bison and provide them the opportunities to give to this community.

  5. Engagement - Bison Lacrosse parents have different talents and interests. We want to empower our parents to utilize their talents and interests to grow and sustain this program.

And, lacrosse. It will always be about lacrosse. We want to inspire our Bison to challenge themselves each day to become a better person and lacrosse player. There will always be better players and there will always be challenges. But it’s our willingness to push ourselves that will help us grow.

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