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Bison Bargain Buys

Our Bison Bargain Buys include Bison merchandise at a discounted price made by our own Bison mom, Ashley Gutierrez. Great quality items for a lower price! All funds earned go back to Bison Lacrosse. We'll be adding more items throughout the season so keep an eye out for new merchandise.

Bison Lax Shop

Represent Bison Lacrosse Club with brand name clothing, embroidered items, and fun accessories!

 525 Laser Designs

Order Laser engraved Bison merch from our own Bison mom, Heather Fielder including tumblers, hat patches, keychains, earrings, and watchbands!


 Bison Helmet Decals

You can order Bison helmet decals from LaxDecalz . Just click the button below and scroll down to find the Bison Lacrosse decals.  

Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 11.37.16

    Lacrosse Bandits

You can order car decals, personalized stick stickers, bag tags and even Christmas ornaments with the Bison Lacrosse Club logo. 

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