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Meet the Team

Paolo Diaz- Club Director

Paolo became involved with Bison Lacrosse through his kids' interest in the sport. Though he didn't play lacrosse growing up, he fell in love with the game watching his kids play and following the game. He has coached for the Bison these last two seasons. Paolo brings a knowledge of program development and community partnerships to Bison Lacrosse.

Mindy Diaz- Club Director

Mindy has been a fan of lacrosse since her kids began playing 6 years ago. As a game day chauffer, cheerleader and snack mom for several years, she has added some lacrosse knowledge to her background. Mindy has been involved with Bison Lacrosse through volunteering in the past and has now taken on a bigger role as one of the club directors. Bison Lacrosse can benefit from her background in education and business. 

Bryon Guyer- Coach

Bryon has been coaching youth sports in the Commerce City area for the last 10 years and lacrosse for the last 6 years. Raising 2 young athletes in the community has granted him the opportunity to see youth athletics from just about every angle. He grew up playing sports at the Commerce City Recreation himself, usually on a team his father coached, and later working for the city as an official. Teaching character development and accountability through youth athletics has become a family tradition for the Guyers, one that Bryon has been proud to carry on as a member of the Bison Lacrosse family! He also enjoys serving his community as director and coach for local CCYA Girls Softball. 

Brian Reffner- Coach

Brian Reffner is just a LAX dad. From Southern California originally, he came to Colorado after being stationed here in the Marines and met his lovely wife. They have 2 kids, Alanna, who evaded LAX, and Nolan, the reason he knows anything about the sport. Nolan has been playing for 4 years now and Coach Brian decided to step up to coach about 4 years ago. The Reffners have been with Bison LAX from the launch and love being a part of this extended family.

Brett Fielder- Coach

Coach Brett is a native of Colorado, married and has 3 boys.  His love and passion for lacrosse started when his older two sons started playing at the ages of 9 and 11.  He has coached several different sports since the mid 90’s (from youth sports, competitive teams & High School).  Brett is very passionate about coaching and he feels truly blessed to have been involved with some wonderful programs. Through coaching Brett hopes to pass along the knowledge he gained from his involvement as a student, player and a coach.  Brett enjoys seeing young athletes carry out something positive that he has taught them whether it is on or off the field.  “It truly leaves me amazed and awestruck when these moments happen”.

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