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USA Lacrosse

To play or coach for Bison Lacrosse, a membership to USA Lacrosse Association is required by AYL. This ensures the proper insurance, waivers, and training to run a safe and effective program. USA Lacrosse also provides a library of resources for players, parents, and coaches. To become a member of USA Lacrosse, you can visit this page.


Youth memberships are $30 per year. Looking to purchase equipment? Visit their equipment fitting guide before you buy.


Bison Lacrosse strives to build an inclusive lacrosse community. Here are some resources from USA Lacrosse on how we can make that happen.


HERD mentality is to play with Humility, Energy, Respect, and Determination. See USA Lacrosse’s vision on how to compete with class and honor the game.


Come learn about USA Lacrosse’s Athlete Development Model.

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