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Thank you, Willoughbys!

As we embark on the upcoming adventures of Bison Lacrosse, we want to express another round of appreciation for Jason, Kalani, and Willoughby Six for all they have done for the program these first two years. Without their vision for a lacrosse program in this community, Bison Lacrosse would not be here today. They saw a need and sought to fill that need, and with that, Bison Lacrosse was born.

Over the last couple of years, the Willoughbys poured their hearts and souls into the program. From having practices or games six nights per week, handling registration each season for about 50 kids, ordering all the uniforms and gear, recruiting coaches, communicating to parents, working with the city and the league, to name a few. We haven't even talked about the amount of space the Bison Lacrosse uniforms, gear, and equipment had taken up in their house, which now sits in a 400 cubic feet rented storage space.

Without their vision, time, and sacrifices, Bison Lacrosse would have never been. Thank you, Willoughby family, for all that you have done and for continuing to support the program even after you move to Texas. We hope to continue your legacy and make you Bison proud.

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