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Gear Packages

NOSCAE ND200 - As of January 1st 2021 all goalie chest protectors will have to meet the new NOSCAE ND200 standard. Then January 1st 2022 all field players will also be required to wear shoulder pads that meet the ND200 standard as well. Manufacturers began releasing goalie equipment that meets this certification in early 2019, and as of November 2019 field player equipment from STX, Maverick and more have been released that meet this requirement. Any goalie chest protectors and shoulder pads purchased before 2019 will not be legal for play for youth and high school levels after the implementation dates listed above. All gear packages listed below are rated to meet the ND200 certification. Due to the upcoming rule changes for shoulder pads, right now there are alot of really good deals on brand new, older year model chest protectors and shoulder pads, please understand they are discounted because they will all be illegal in the near future. Our recommendation is that when you need to purchase you child's next shoulder pad or chest protector that you make sure it has the Noscae certification physically on the gear or attached tag, to be sure it will be able to be used beyond the implementation date of the rule changes outlined above. 

U7-U11 Complete Starter Packages

Basic Maverick Starter Package no helmet $109.99

Basic Maverick Starter Package no helmet/no stick (shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves only) $85

Basic STX Starter package with youth STX helmet $180 

U12-U15 Complete Starter Packages


Basic Maverick Starter Package (no helmet) $109.99

U15-HS Gear Recommendations

As of September 2020 all of the gear packages are aimed for youth players - and as such there isn't a total gear package that we recommend for U15 and high school players. The sport gets a lot more physical and shots get significantly harder at these age groups and you want to be sure that your child has the proper equipment to prevent injury. Here are some recommendations for appropriate gear for players in this category. 

Chest protectors




Arm Pads


Goalie Chest Pads

Recommended for U7-U11

Recommended for U11-15

Recommended for U15-High School


Recommended for youth players OSFM up to age 12

Recommended for youth players up to U15

Recommended for U15 and High School players

Bison Team Helmets available in below models and discount pricing 

Cascade CPV-R (Silver/white) $110 (helmet only/decals available separately)

Cascade S Youth (Matte Grey/White) $200 (helmet only/decals available separately)

Cascade S Adult (Matte Grey/White) $220 (helmet only/decals available separately)

Contact us at if interested in a team helmet.

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