High School Team

The spring lacrosse season for high schoolers at Prairie View High School is delayed. Stay tuned for registration information, roster information, schedules, and maps that will have you ready for game day.

Update From Coach Mike as of Feb. 15, 2021:

I hope that everyone has been staying safe and healthy and continue to do so until we get back to normal sooner than later! We were hoping to contact you with some better news about off-season practices but as of today we still cannot conduct any off-season practices until the county and school district sign off on it but we will keep you posted as soon as we hear anything different. 

We will be sending out a bunch of lacrosse information moving forward for the players including a handbook, diagrams, videos, work-outs, wall ball challenges etc. in the coming weeks and months. 

The season as I'm sure you all know has been pushed back and will be starting on May 3rd and competition will be played between May 10th & June 26th. We have also joined a new Conference, Metro 5a/4a. Looking to become Conference Champs this year!!!!!!

We look forward to getting back on the field and talk to you all soon!


Coach Mike