Youth Lacrosse and High School

Fall 2020

Below are details for the upcoming fall season. There are two pieces to the upcoming season: 7 weeks of skills practice sessions and then possibly an end-of-season tournament. Please read through all the details below thoroughly as there is a lot of important information. The link to registration is at the bottom of this page, please read through all of this information carefully before you register.

Fall Youth Registration –
Fall practice sessions. 7 weeks, September 1st – October 15th. $65/player
We will have a 50 participant total maximum, with a 13 participant maximum in each age group. We are trying to see if we can get more field space to expand but right now, with the current state guidelines and the fact we compete for space with football in the fall, we have to cap registration to the first 50 registered participants. Please do not wait to register! Once spots are filled you will only be able to join the wait list and we cannot guarantee a spot for your player if they are on the wait list. All players are required to have an active US Lacrosse membership ($30/yr) at the time of registration. For players with credit from the spring season, please use the discount code playerlastname20. For example: for the player name John Smith, the discount code is smith20, all lowercase. The discount code field is early in the registration process. You will then go through and select participant fees, etc., and your credit will be applied at checkout. If you have any issues during registration, contact us immediately at! 

Fall High School Registration –

We are also offering a high school fall season - it will be the same as the info above except we will have practices on different nights than the youth. This will allow us to have up to 50 participants but per state and city guidelines we will have to keep practice groups to less than 25 participants. All players must have valid US lacrosse membership at the time of registration that will be valid through the fall season.

Registration will open Friday 7/31/2020 at 9am and will close at 11:59pm on 8/10/2020 - Please do not wait to register as we have only 13 spots per team and a max of 50 across all teams for youth, and 50 spots for High School once they are filled they will be able to join a wait list but are not guaranteed a spot for the fall season. 

Each participant will receive a gray/white numbered pinnie and gray shorts to be used at practices and for the tournament, for those that choose to participate. Please note that with doing registration this late in the summer, we don't expect to have these available at the first practice but should have them by the second or third week, assuming no closures due to COVID impact this further. 

Participants will be placed on teams based on grade with an age cutoff. Based on our spring and summer registrations we are planning for these teams: U15 (7th and 8th grades combined), U12 (6th grade), U11 (4th and 5th grades combined), and U9 (1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades combined). Players will be registered to the team that matches their appropriate grade level. We will not be able to accommodate any requests for players to ‘play up’ or ‘play down’ to a different grade level.

Why are we not doing our normal fall league season? There are quite a few reasons, but the most prevalent decision makers are: First, we are not sure if the league will even have games this season. It is still in discussion if it’s even feasible for any of the teams and, being this late in the process already, our expectation is that it is highly unlikely there will be a full season. Second, we already know from the high school (Prairie View) and the Commerce City parks and recreation department that neither of them are allowing field rentals for games, so asking parents to travel to away games every week for a normal 7-week season is not reasonable. Finally, we want to give ourselves the best opportunity to have some semblance of a season with as few potential impacts as possible. Right now, stability is our focus and we believe our best option for having a stable season is to provide these skills development practice sessions with the hope that the October tournament is able to come together and provide one set of guidelines in one weekend to get some competitive games in. Though we cannot guarantee that we won’t be shutdown by elected officials again, we feel this provides us the best strategy for completing a full season.


Cancellations and Refunds-
Because we are still in uncertain times, if our season is cancelled before the completion of the second week of practice sessions, we will issue refunds or credit of $40 per participant (if you paid with a spring credit you will receive credit back into your credit pool). The other $25 will cover the cost of the pinnies and shorts.
If we are shutdown before practices even start, you will receive a full credit or refund (if you paid with a spring credit you will receive credit back into your credit pool).

What to Expect-
Participants will need to check-in before each practice and be screened, which includes a symptom and temperature check, and being provided a wrist band (different color at each session) before being allowed onto the field for practice. This is the same process we have been using for the summer clinic.

Players will not be required to wear a mask during participation as a mask interferes with properly wearing a helmet and mouthguard. In-line with state and local health guidelines, participants are encouraged to wear a mask before and after practice.

All spectators should wear a mask, per state guidelines for youth sports.

Coaches will be required to wear masks, with the exception of performing an activity that interferes with wearing a mask (e.g., blowing a whistle, taking a drink, addressing the whole team verbally as spread across the field). Exceptions will be made for coaches who have a medical exemption, per state guidelines.

During the summer we focused on individual skills, doing physically distanced drills. For fall, while we will continue to encourage physical distancing before, during, and after practice, we will be introducing more drills and scrimmages with contact to better prepare players toward the tournament and 2021 spring season. We will still be encouraging social distancing while in line for a drill and players having a designated area for their bag, water, etc. that they should use at water breaks. However, more live lacrosse drills will be run. This includes things like 1v1 ground balls, stick checking, live offense vs defense, sharks and minnows, 3v2, 3v3, 5v5, 6v6, and 7v7 scrimmages.

Registration will open 7/31 and will run until 8/10, or until all spots are filled. Please do not wait to register! Once spots are filled you will only be able to join a wait list and we cannot guarantee you participant will have a spot. If you are not comfortable with the guidelines and plans for the fall listed above, we completely understand, and we will continue to be here when you do feel comfortable rejoining us.



We need volunteers! If you are able to assist in any capacity please let us know! We need coaches! We desperately need coaches for the younger U9 age group!! Coaches will recieve a small stipend for coaching this fall season. If you are willing to assist, please indicate so during registration.


Check-in table workers! We had some awesome helpers in the summer, but we are going to need helpers for each practice for the full 7-week season. If you can assist in this area, please indicate so during the registration process.

Below is the current state requirements per Safer at Home guidelines for Organized Recreational sports. We will continue to abide by these guidelines to ensure we can keep operating.
Organized recreational sports

  • Organized youth or adult recreational sports leagues in groups of up to 25 players, excluding coaches or referees/umpires at a time per court or per field.

  • Spectators are strongly discouraged for adult sports. Spectators, like parents, are permitted for youth sports, so long as members from different households maintain at least 6 feet of physical distance from each other.

  • Maintain contact information and team rosters, and be prepared to support local public health contact tracing efforts if exposures occur.

  • Consider participating in low or no-contact sports (like baseball, cross country, or cycling) instead of high-contact sports (like wrestling or soccer).

  • Do not share snacks or water, except in emergency situations.

  • Use personal equipment such as bats, mitts, rackets, etc., as much as possible

  • Consider only holding games with other teams every 2 weeks, to minimize the number of new teams of players interacting. Regular practices with the same group are fine.

  • Games that require extensive travel are strongly discouraged.

  • Practice social distancing of 6 feet from other households during drop off/pick up of players.

  • Masks are required (i.e. in dugouts, by coaches, by spectators)

  • Competitive events such as races and endurance events are allowed as long as social distancing and limitations on group size can be maintained. This includes implementing staggered start times and making efforts to prevent gatherings at starts and finishes so that no more than 10 people are gathered at a time.

Fall Tournament- Cost TBD
Right now, we are talking with the CYLA and Summit Lacrosse Ventures (Summit is hired by CYLA to do all the administrative work for the league). Typically, Summit runs a tournament in June called the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Jamboree, which we have previously participated in. Right now, CYLA and Summit are looking to potentially combine a fall play day (CYLA fall single day tournament-style double header) and the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Jamboree into one event in the middle of October. This is just being discussed right now and nothing has been finalized. Once details are finalized around exactly when, where, and what the cost will be, all of that info will be announced. Because there are no concrete details on the tounament yet, registration and payment for the tournament will be done at a later date and separate from registration and payment for the 7-week practice sessions. This means you could participate in the fall practice sessions but not in the tournament. However, if you wish to participate in the tournament, you must register and participate in the fall practice sessions.

Pinnie Sizing

Youth MD/LG

Age :7

Weight; 56lbs

Height: 47"

Youth MD/LG

Age :9

Weight; 57lbs

Height: 50"

Adult SM/MD

Age :12

Weight; 90lbs

Height: 5'0"

Adult L/XL

Age :12

Weight; 90lbs

Height: 5'0"

Adult L/XL

Age :14

Weight: 110lbs

Height: 5'7"

Youth MD/LG

Age :10

Weight; 62lbs

Height: 4'6"

Adult L/XL

Age :16

Weight: 172lbs

Height: 5'11"

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