Bison Lacrosse Club

What is Bison Lacrosse Club?

  • Bison Lacrosse Club is a community based, volunteer run organization dedicated to spreading the great sport of lacrosse throughout the Commerce City/Brighton/Henderson/surrounding areas.

  • We organize teams for our primary lacrosse season, spring, as well as tournament teams, camps and clinics in the summer and fall.

Who coaches for Bison Lacrosse Club?

  • We have a mix of parents and young men who volunteer their time.  Our director, Bill Lewandowski, has set the model for our coaching staff for all our programs from U7 through high school. He also is the assistant head coach for the Prairie View High School team.  We strongly encourage all of our coaches to participate in our coach certification program, which follows the recommendations of the Positive Coaching Alliance and US Lacrosse.

  • All Bison Lacrosse Club coaches pass a background check administered by NCSI and agree to our Bison Lacrosse Club Coaches Code of Conduct.

  • Director Bill Lewandowski grew up playing lacrosse in Atlanta, Georgia. He played lacrosse at Milton High School, then for Gettysburg College where he played for the NCAA Div 3 National Championship under Hank Janczyk, who is second on the NCAA coach's list for most wins. Coach Bill's philosophy is to teach life lessons through positive reinforcement through the game of lacrosse. We find a way to be victorious everyday through having pride in, and giving 100% in everything we do. This is the core philosophy of Bison Lacrosse Club, regardless of results on the scoreboard.  

My son has no experience in lacrosse.  Can he play for Bison Lacrosse Club?

  • Absolutely! All players in grades 1- 8 are welcome to play for Bison Lacrosse Club. Our experienced coaches do a fantastic job teaching inexperienced players about the skills, rules, and uniquely sportsmanlike culture of lacrosse. Our mission is to grow the game in our community, so we encourage new players at all age levels to join our programs!

My daughter wants to play lacrosse.  Where can she play?

  • Currently, there is not a girls program in our area, so all girls are welcome to play with our boys teams. We have girls registered on nearly every team we offer. They are still required to wear all protective equipment required for the boys game (helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, cleats, and non-clear mouth guard). 

What is the the 2020 spring schedule for Bison Lacrosse Club?

  • Practices will start in early March, typically the Tuesday after Daylight Savings Time. They are usually on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, but can vary depending on city park availability.   

  • Games will be held every Saturday from April 4th through May 16th.  There will also be games on one or two Sunday dates in April and/or May.

  • All Bison Lacrosse Club teams will conclude their spring season at the CYLA State Championships held Saturday, May 30th and Sunday, May 31st. Teams will play only on one of these two dates.


When and where are Bison Lacrosse Club practices held?

  • Teams will practice twice a week at a park in northern Commerce City (Stampede Park, Ragweed Draw, Thimmig Elementary, or Turnberry Park). Practices will be 5:30 to 7:30pm for U12 and older and 5:30 to 7:00pm for U11 and younger.

Where are Bison Lacrosse Club games held?

  • All home games will be held at Prairie View High School or a local Commerce City park, if PVHS is unavailable.  

  • All teams will travel for away games to locations around Colorado such as Arvada, Boulder, Broomfield, Colorado Springs, Denver, Evergreen, Fort Collins, Loveland, and Windsor.

  • Teams will be scheduled for 8 regular season games and at least 2 playoff games at the CYLA State Championships.  

What are the game dates for spring 2020?

  • Saturday April 5

  • Saturday April 12

  • Saturday April 19

  • Saturday April 26

  • Saturday May 2

  • Saturday May 9

  • Saturday May 16

  • Sundays TBD

  • CYLA CHAMPIONSHIPS for all teams:  Saturday, May 30th and Sunday, May 31st, at Long Lake Regional Park in Arvada.

Game schedule will be released by the CYLA approximately in the middle of March and will be passed along once received. Teams will be scheduled for 8 regular season games.  Makeup games will not necessarily be scheduled in the event of games cancelled due to inclement weather.

What is the registration fee for 2020?  

  • The registration fee is $135. New players must also purchase a uniform, which is $60.   

  • All registrants must have a US Lacrosse membership valid through June 1st. ($30 cost, if renewal is necessary). For 2020, we have been awarded the US Lacrosse First Stick grant. As a part of this grant, the first 30 first-time players will be given a complimentary US Lacrosse membership.

  • Registration fee covers our field rental expenses, lacrosse equipment including goals and balls, league fees, CYLA Championship entry fee, officials charges, coaching and educational expenditures, and administrative costs. 

  • Scholarships may be available to defray the cost of registration.  Please visit our Scholarship Page for more info, or to apply.

Why are players required to have US Lacrosse membership?

  • Membership in US Lacrosse provides us with substantially lower insurance costs and provides our players with supplemental insurance. US Lacrosse provides our sport with important safety research, rules guidelines, and coaching development programs.

  • Most off-season lacrosse tournaments, camps and clinics by other providers require US Lacrosse membership as well, so you will save money in the future.

  • The CYLA league that we participate in also requires all players to have a US Lacrosse membership.

How are teams formed?

  • Teams are formed on the basis of GRADE, with AN AGE CUTOFF.  This means that players in the same grade will generally be grouped in the same age bracket, provided that they meet the age cutoff date of June 1.

  • All of our teams in 2019 were Blue, or entry level teams. As we continue to grow we will begin to form multiple teams per age group adding White (intermediate) and Red (advanced) teams, and players will be placed based on experience and skill level. 

How do we know what team our child is on, and when their practices will start?

  • Team rosters, practice schedules, and locations will be communicated through TeamSnap, which we use for all team communications. You will be invited to join your team via TeamSnap when rosters are completed in early March.

Can I request that my child play up an age group with friend or sibling?

  • We cannot guarantee that your child will be able to play with a friend or sibling if they are in a different grade. As a newer club we do sometimes combine age groups to make full teams, but if we have a team that your child fits on grade wise, we will unlikely be abel to move them to a different team outside of their appropriate grade group. US Lacrosse rules are grade specific and unnecessarily moving players "up" sometimes puts players who even though skill wise they may be able to play, they are not physically developed for the additional physicality of play allowed in the higher division.  We also want to try to develop chemistry of players who will potentially play together all the way through high school - if your player plays up with kids who ultimately move to high school ball a year or two ahead of your child, they then have to re-establish chemistry with players who have now been playing together for potentially several years. 

What equipment do players need?

  • All players must have a boys lacrosse stick, helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, cleats, a protective cup (for boys), and a colored mouth guard.

  • We offer loaner gear for first-time players on a first come, first served basis. If you are a first-time player and wish to use loaner gear, e-mail us at for availability.

  • For 2020, we have been awarded the US Lacrosse First Stick grant. As a part of this grant, the first 30 first-time players will be given a complimentary stick. 

Should I purchase any specific brand of stick or equipment?

  • Bison Lacrosse Club does not endorse any specific brand of stick or equipment.  For more info on gear and available starter packages, please visit our Gear Packages page.

Do I have to purchase a new uniform every season?

  • No. Once you own a uniform you can keep using it for multiple seasons, as long as it fits. Once your player outgrows it we do have a buyback option where you can return your used uniform in good condition for $30 credit towards a new uniform. If you do return your used uniform we cannot guarantee you will be able to keep the same number, so if number is important than we suggest not returning your uniform.


  • I have a question about boys lacrosse rules, such as how long are sticks allowed to be?  

  • Click here to view CYLA Game Rules  about game length, stick lengths, checking rules, and more.

 I still have a question-- whom should I contact?

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